We are a Trend Forecasting Studio

c2 fashion studio

We are an Italian Trend Forecasting Studio founded by the Creative Director and Fashion Photographer Cristina Capucci.

We forecast fashion trends and transformations in consumer behaviors and mindset to provide you with the vision that helps your brand prosper. Our Mission is to deliver actionable inspirations aligned with your brand identity and to support you to design a meaningful and conscious brand image.

about cristina capucci

Cristina Capucci‘s passion for fashion and her unwavering commitment to innovation have been instrumental in propelling the company to the forefront of the trend forecasting industry. Her expertise in creative direction, her keen eye for emerging trends and her deep understanding of the fashion industry have earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor to many brands worldwide.
This commitment to innovation has allowed C2 Fashion Studio to create its position as an emerging trend forecasting agency, providing brands with the intelligence and tools they need to thrive in the fashion industry.
C2 Fashion Studio Cristina Capucci

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