Fashion Trends Forecast: Autumn Winter 2025 2026. Key Directions

Experiential Wellness, Regeneration, Redefined Craftsmanship, Longevity Technology, and Otherworldly Influences are just a few of the key fashion trends for Autumn Winter 2025/26 Fashion trends for Autumn Winter 2025/26 are driven by elevated simplicity, which highlights the necessity for “intelligent” and adaptable products. This new mindset focuses on essential values and redefined priorities, emphasizing the […]

Fashion Trends Forecast: Spring Summer 2025. Key Directions

c2 fashion studio AI Lab - Cover 2025

Human sensitivity, heritage preservation, bio-technological nature, exuberant self-expression and surreal mixed realities are key fashion trends for spring summer 2025 The fashion trends for Spring Summer 2025 are influenced by a combination of human connections, sensitive mindset, and a focus on well-being.¬†Nostalgia and the need for preservation of our roots are driving a rediscovery of […]