C2 Fashion Studio is proud to announce  the upcoming launch of their new Fashion Trend Platform.

Be among the first to discover the latest fashion trend forecasts for Autumn Winter 2025/26 and macro trends for Spring Summer 2026 on the Fashion Trend Platform!

This groundbreaking exclusive Trend Forecasting Platform empowers Designers and Fashion Professionals with prescient and actionable trend forecasts, setting a new standard for navigating the ever-changing fashion landscape.

Scheduled for Summer 2024 launch, the Fashion Trend Platform by C2 Fashion Studio is designed to meet the diverse needs of a wide array for fashion industry professionals. Leveraging our team’s extensive expertise and experience, along with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven analytics, this platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools, insights, and resources to empower users in making informed, creative, and strategic decisions.

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A Mermbership Fashion Trend Platform for Designer and Fashion Professionals

The Fashion Trend Forecasting Subscription Platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet the diverse needs of Designers and Fashion Professionals. The platform boasts five sections:

Early Forecasting & Visionary Insights: This section provides long-term trend forecasts, offering a visual outline of projected styles and designs 18-24 months ahead. Designed to be a springboard for creative exploration, these trend stories reflect a broad range of influences within the fashion industry.

Short-Term Forecasting: Focusing on trends 6-12 months ahead, this section delivers image-rich reports. C2 Fashion Studio editors translate upcoming trends into concrete, sales-driven merchandising strategies, ensuring your brand stays ahead of the curve.

Special Reports: Dive deeper with in-depth reports on macro cultural shifts, key trends, and strategic guidance. Access downloadable PDFs covering season summaries, season highlights, runway analysis, and essential guides about consumers, macro trends, colors and Materials, print and patterns and much more

Fashion & Lifestyle Insights: Get your daily dose of inspiration! Curated by C2 Fashion Studio’s editors, this section delivers fresh ideas and highlights global emerging trends, keeping you at the forefront of fashion.

Fashion Resources and Tools: designed to empower fashion professionals with valuable assets beyond just trend forecasting.


Empowering Brands for Success

“Our Trend Platform represents a groundbreaking leap forward in fashion trend forecasting,” says Cristina Capucci, Founder and Creative Director of C2 Fashion Studio. “By harnessing the power of AI and data analytics, our subcription-based trend forecasting platform provides a comprehensive trend solution that empowers brands to make informed decisions, develop successful collections, and achieve unparalleled success in a competitive marketplace.”.

About C2 Fashion Studio

C2 Fashion Studio is an emerging fashion trend analysis and trend forecasting agency. With a global network of experts and cutting-edge technology, C2 Fashion Studio empowers fashion brands to make informed decisions and achieve success in the ever-evolving fashion industry.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Cristina Capucci (C2 Fashion Studio’s Founder and Creative Director)

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We are excited to introduce the C2 FASHION TREND PLATFORM, our upcoming subscription service for fashion trend forecasting!

The Trend Platform, set to launch in summer 2024, will offer forecasts for upcoming seasons, including Autumn Winter 2024 2025, Spring Summer 2025, Autumn Winter 2025 2026, and early insights for Spring Summer 2026. Subscribers to our newsletter will receive updates on the platform’s development and exclusive trend news.

Stay informed and join us to keep up with the latest trends and don’t miss the launch of the C2 Fashion Trend Platform!


Get Ready: The Exclusive C2 Trend Platform is Almost Here!

We are excited to introduce the C2 FASHION TREND PLATFORM, our upcoming subscription service for fashion trend forecasting!  Designed to inform, inspire and support fashion professionals and fashion insiders, this platform will offer in-depth trend forecasts and practical insights.  

Currently a work in progress and set to launch in summer 2024, the Trend Platform will feature forecasts for the next seasons and ahead. We will be ready with the upcoming trends about Autumn Winter 2024 2025, Spring Summer 2025, and visionary forecasts about Autumn Winter 2025 2026 and early insights for Spring Summer 2026. 

By subscribing to our newsletter, you will stay informed about the platform’s development and receive updates on exclusive trend news and content. Join us to stay updated and don’t miss the launch of C2 FASHION TREND PLATFORM!


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